EDUCATIE Drawing course

Do you feel like trying something new next season? Then sign up for the drawing course “Drawing is Investigation” that Drawing Centre Diepenheim is teaching on Thursday evenings starting Sept. 14. The course consists of three blocks of eight lessons. All three blocks can also be taken separately.

‘Drawing is Research’ is about exploring your own viewing and drawing skills and exploring drawing and the world around you. We will dive into the Drawing Centre’s archives, look at the Gardens and use the Drawing Studio and the Drawing Centre to draw and explore. In the first block, we explore many different materials and use all our senses to come up with images. Which material suits you best? Where do you go with your attention and how does that change the way you draw? The course is for anyone who is curious. Classes are taught by Susanne Dolman and several guest lecturers.

Practical information
The cost for the series of eight two-hour lessons is €140.00 for 8 lessons (incl. 21% VAT).

Want to sign up or learn more? Email or call 0547 352 143.

The course starts on Thursday, Sept. 14, and is biweekly from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. at Drawing Studio, Kuimgaarden 1 in Diepenheim.