WORKSHOP Drawing together

With your (grand)child, parent, grandpa, grandma, nephew, niece … a workshop for the whole family!

Drawing together
Do you feel like doing something fun with your (grand)daughter, (grand)son, father, mother, grandfather, grandmother, niece, nephew or anyone else in the family during spring break? Then sign up for “Drawing Together,” a workshop for the whole family at Drawing Centre Diepenheim’s Drawing Studio.

Together you will make drawings of each other. We merge the drawings into a true family portrait. We do include some separate assignments, making it a little different than you might expect….

Practical information

Participation in the workshop costs €3.00 per person for children and adults.

Dates, times and location
Wednesday, Feb. 21, from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. at Drawing Studio, Kuimgaarden 1 in Diepenheim.

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