WORKSHOP Embodied experience

Take part in a workshop in the exhibition “Mind Wandering Mind,” where you will work with different (drawing) exercises on the experience of color.

Artist Maike Hemmers invites you to a workshop in her duo exhibition “Mind Wandering Mind. This session will focus on the embodied experience of color and you will participate in various exercises that Maike also uses in her own work: for example, you will make drawings through a mental body scan and perform movement exercises with the sculptures from the exhibition. The goal is to connect with other participants through play and express something of yourself through interaction with art.

About Maike Hemmers

Maike Hemmers (1987, DU) is part of the duo exhibition “Mind Wandering Mind,” currently on view at Drawing Centre Diepenheim. In her artistic practice, she translates mental and physical stimuli into abstract drawings and soft sculptures. She explores and uses somatic exercises that approach the body and mind as one. From these exercises, she develops a personal theory of color, through which she seeks to understand and represent how emotions and affect move through our bodies.

Practical information

  • The workshop is open to everyone regardless of age, experience, prior knowledge or mobile disability. The exercises can be adapted to your own abilities and needs.
  • Part of the workshop will be conducted through exchanges with other participants.
  • The language of the workshop is Dutch.
  • A total of ten spots are available.
  • The workshop will take place in Drawing Centre Diepenheim’s exhibition space. The space will be closed to the public at the time of the event.

Date and location
April 13, from 10:30 a.m. to noon at Drawing Centre Diepenheim.

Cost and registration
The regular rate is €15, the discounted rate (students and museum card holders) €10.
Admission to the exhibition, drawing materials and a cup of coffee or tea are included in the price.

Purchase your admission ticket for the workshop here. Please note that the number of spots is limited!