Joint Venture

Semâ Bekirović • Linde Ex • Jef Faes • Aliki van der Kruijs • Sunjoo Lee & Ko de Beer

Artists have been inspired by nature for centuries. They imitate or interpret nature, they use nature as a material for their work or as a studio to work in. Sometimes nature itself seems to behave as a visual artist, showing us an anthropomorphic sculpture in a serpentine branch or an abstract painting in a stone covered with lichen. But art and nature remain separate entities.

In the exhibition Joint Venture , contemporary artists and nature enter into a close collaboration and create a joint work of art as equal partners. Raindrops design textile patterns, water waves are the guiding force behind a drawing hand, bees complete a sculpture. Natural elements such as humidity and temperature allow a drawing to arise and a sculpture to grow in Kunstvereniging Diepenheim. The result is a real symbiosis between art and nature.


Flos Wildschut

Rik Klein Gotink