Sketchy Fables

Alle Jong (NL, 1988) is a draughtsman, an art collector and game developer. Like an explorer, he navigates between past and present, utilising various media. 17th-, 18th- and 19th-century paintings and prints, 1980s adventure games, gigantic charcoal drawings and video games are the territory of his imagination.

In the exhibition Sketchy Fables, the visitor can roam through these different worlds in which the physical space of the building, the three-dimensional environment of the game and the flat worlds of the drawings and paintings come together. Besides the old landscapes and portraits from Alle Jong’s collection, you come across the remains of Anne Frank’s barracks, and the artist’s monumental charcoal drawings. The style of the drawings is replicated in the visuals of the video game. In this three-dimensional, interactive world composed of 10,000 hand-drawn artworks, you encounter Vincent Van Gogh painting, King Zebra the Great, and blind giants surrounded by romantic skies. An exhibition about alternative realities, homo ludens and love for imagination.

In the multidisciplinary exhibition Sketchy Fables, Alle Jong and guest curator Paulien Dresscher play with language, images and daydreams. In this way, they guide the visitor between fairy tales and actuality, so that in these difficult times and surrounded by increasing tyranny, they can continue to embrace the beauty of life.

Impression of the opening of Sketchy Fables


Concept and Development
Alle Jong
Paulien Dresscher

Invited by
Nanette Kraaikamp

Lisa Holden

Tessa Wiegerinck
Alle Jong

Costume Design
Anastasia Grigoryeva

Game Music

Many thanks to
Mondriaan Fonds
Provincie Overijssel
Gemeente Hof van Twente

Stichting Kunst en Cultuurbevordering Nederland
Stichting het ZP Fonds