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the sketch, its realisation & her lovers

Each artwork goes through three phases: the idea, its execution and the upkeep. The exhibition the sketch, its realisation & her lovers focuses on exactly this. In a group exhibition featuring 12 artists, guest curator Caz Egelie explores the sketch as a starting point of something that will have consequences stretching into an unknown future.

Drawing Centre Diepenheim is an art venue without a traditional collection. We do own a number of gardens-as-artworks in Diepenheim, all designed by artists invited in the past by the (then) Kunstvereniging. With these gardens, and the building itself, comes the question of how to deal with this heritage – once a concept, proposed by an artist, then realized by those responsible for producing the work, and then cared for by those who, for whatever reason, feel connected to its preservation. Because it is precisely in this process that a certain distance is created; what if the ideas outlined by the artist do not hold up in physical reality? What does maintenance and responsibility for a work of art look like? How do you take care of something brought about by someone else?

Participating artists

Smári Róbertsson
Eloy Cruz del Prado
Maya Berkhof
Nina Glockner
Hannah Konings
Tao G. Vrhovec Sambolec

G.C. Heemskerk
Eleni Kamma
Bart Lunenburg
Hey Sub Han
Martina Laruffa
Tenant of Culture

This exhibition is curated by guest curator Caz Egelie.