Zakia el Abodi, Rachel Bacon & Isabell Schulte

Drawing Centre Diepenheim encourages a form of deep drawing: slowing down, reflecting, contemplating and conversing with the surrounding environment. We regularly invite artists to stay temporarily in Diepenheim to give them space and time to reflect on their practice, enter into relationships with a new environment, experiment and make new work.

For the exhibition Deep Drawing, we invited three former residents: Zakia el Abodi, Rachel Bacon and Isabell Schulte. These three artists each have their own voice, but what they have in common is a slow way of observing and making, resulting in DEEP DRAWING.

Participating Artists

Zakia el Abodi (NL, 1983) creates drawings that stem from an intrinsic need to make connections to the beauty, wonders and invisible forces of nature and the universe. Recurring motifs in her work are circles, spirals, plants, objects and insects.

Rachel Bacon (USA, 1966) investigates how drawing can work within larger issues related to landscape, geology, mining and the aesthetics of climate crisis. She meticulously makes semi-sculptural drawings on crumpled paper with graphite.

Isabell Schulte (DE, 1987) notices musicality everywhere: claxons and traffic lights in the city, a heartbeat changed by exercise, the falling of leaves in autumn. Her work delves deeper into the relationships between image and sound, she translates polyphonic rhythms onto paper in large format. Because of the grand scale, time and space enter into a liaison.


Guest curator
Roy Voragen

Tessa Wiegerinck

Stein Boon

Annelien Dam

Lieneke Hulshof
(regarding Zakia)

Marina Kassianidou
(regarding Rachel)

Roy Voragen
(regarding Isabell)

Thanks to
Mondriaan Fonds
Provincie Overijssel
Gemeente Hof van Twente
Prins Bernard Cultuurfonds Overijsel