Gardens and environmental artworks

Drawing Centre Diepenheim and its surroundings are inseparable. Consequently, over the years, several projects were initiated in which artists were invited to show their vision of gardens, nature and landscape. You can find the artist gardens and environmental artwork that resulted on this page. Some still exist; other works have found a place in the archives below.

The Non Urban Garden

In 2013, Drawing Centre Diepenheim’s predecessor, Kunstvereniging Diepenheim, together with ArtEZ lectureship in Theory in the Arts, initiated the temporary project “The Non Urban Garden. Gardens of the 21st Century.
A number of artists answered two questions: What is your vision of the 21st century garden? And do you want to make a draft of that, too?

Currently, some traces of this project can still be found around the Drawing Centre. For example, Garden Fence can still be seen and the Tree Garden also still exists. The book of the same name about the project, on display at the Drawing Centre, provides an overview of all the garden projects and the artistic research that preceded their creation.


Place for gathering and experimentation

Our environment fulfills an important role for both artists and visitors. Artists who stay with us during a work period use the gardens as a source of inspiration or research. And during our annual art festival Drawing Garden, the gardens are the setting for performances, installations and workshops. Thus, the legacy of the artists who shaped our environment lives on today.

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