The gardens form the special outdoor collection of Drawing Center Diepenheim. In these gardens, various artists show their vision of gardens, nature and landscape.

In the gardens of herman de vries, you will discover botanical collections where you can compare colours and scents. Experience nature as a living painting in Urbain Mulkers’ Gazebo, in an infinite palette of greens composed of a thousand hosta plants.

Or climb a spiral staircase that winds around the trunk of a 250-year-old oak, and discover Jeroen Kooijmans’ Tree Garden, with a spectacular view over the fields between the leafy canopy. The gardens are freely accessible and can be visited at any time.

The Non Urban Garden

Diepenheim and gardens belong together. That is why Drawing Centre Diepenheim’s predecessor, Kunstvereniging Diepenheim, initiated the project The Non-Urban Garden in 2013 in collaboration with ArtEZ lectureship Theory in the Arts.

Several artists were approached, and asked: What is your vision of the garden of the 21st century? And could you design it? In response, we received four project proposals: The Unlimited Gardens, a Garden Fence, a Tree Garden and the bee garden If Bees Are Few … The project was accompanied by a book of the same name, which outlines the artistic research and includes quotes from thinkers and experts on the theme of gardens.