Diepenheim may be a little off the beaten track, but once you’re here, you discover a place where time moves slowly, where you can look without distractions, get lost in conversation, and enjoy art and nature together.

The Drawing Centre is located in a striking building designed by architect Harrie ten Dam. As well as being an architect, Ten Dam was also one of the founders of the Kunstvereniging (Art Society), the forerunner of today’s Drawing Centre.

Art and culture are woven into the heritage of Diepenheim. Besides the Drawing Centre, there are studios, indoor and outdoor stages, galleries and a workshop. Diepenheim’s peaceful country setting holds great tourist appeal. Nestled amidst castles, country estates and meadows, Diepenheim is affectionately known as ‘Stedeke’, or ‘little town’.

Diepenheim’s bocage landscape invites you to explore. Sheltered between meadows, wooded banks and hedgerows, are six castles and their country estates. The Regge, that flows close to the Drawing Centre, begins as a little stream in the gardens of herman de vries, and widens into a river. Discover the picturesque countryside on foot or by bike.