Internationally, Drawing Centre Diepenheim (1) ranks among the large, leading institutions dedicated to the medium of drawing, alongside other players such as The Drawing Center in New York (2), The Menil Drawing Institute in Texas (3), Drawing Room in London (4) and Drawing Lab/Drawing Society in Paris (5).

Regionally, Drawing Centre Diepenheim is part of Overijssel Visual Arts Platform. Since June 2020, twenty art venues have worked towards creating a flourishing art climate in Overijssel. The spearheads of the platform are described in this Manifesto.

Locally, in 2020, Drawing Centre Diepenheim, Cultuurcentrum Herberg de Pol, Kunsten op Straat/Heimland and De Zwaan Cultuur co-founded Coöperatie Diepenheim to contribute to the cultural infrastructure and identity of Diepenheim as a cultural destination.

We deliver our educational programme in partnership with the Muzehof Centre for the Arts in Lochem and the foundation Cultural Basic Education Hof van Twente (CubaHof).

As a presentation institution, we also serve a social function. The Centre offers people wishing to re-enter the workforce with opportunities to refresh their skills. For this, we partner with Salut, a welfare organisation in Hof van Twente.

Drawing Centre Diepenheim is a member of De Zaak Nu, the interest group for Dutch presentation and postgraduate institutions for the visual arts.