Drawing Centre Diepenheim is in full swing and also developing Podcasts. Our first podcasts focus on the Drawing Centre’s special outdoor collection: the Gardens.
Listen from the comfort of your armchair, while doing the dishes or walking and then visit the Gardens in real life!

For your feet

Discover the stories behind the Gardens at Drawing Centre Diepenheim. In the podcast “Before Your Feet,” Luuk Heezen talks with the artists behind the Gardens and you’ll discover their views on art, gardens and the landscape.

Episode #1: herman de vries

herman de vries believes that nature is art and sees it as his job to make this visible. Diepenheim is closely associated with his work: you will find the gardens of herman de vries, the Fechner monument and See Hear the Bubbles.

Episode #2: Lucas Lenglet

Lucas Lenglet designed MONOMET: a work of art aka vantage point in the middle of another garden: Urbain Mulkers’ Gazebo.

Episode #3: Jeroen Kooijmans

Jeroen Kooijmans created extra land area at high altitude: he created a garden in the crown of an old oak tree.