Drawing Centre Diepenheim will join the Mondriaan Fund residency programme in 2022. Through this programme, the Mondriaan Fund offers visual artists the opportunity to develop their work, thereby also enriching contemporary visual art and cultural heritage in the Netherlands.

Drawing Centre Diepenheim first offered artist’s residencies in 2014. Since then, nine artists have worked in the studios of Werkplaats Diepenheim, to deepen the element of drawing in their practice, and to engage in experimentation.

Drawing Centre Diepenheim is steadily expanding its international network with fellow institutions in the field of drawing. Our aim is to offer an international residency programme in partnership with several European institutions, starting in 2022.

Artists-in-residence to date:

Susanne von Bülow and Emmy Bergsma
October 2020

Sjoerd Westbroek
October – November 2018

Harm van den Berg
June – July 2018

Wouter Sibum
March – May 2017

Alex Winters
January – February 2017

Kim Habers
September – December 2016

Sanja Medic
June – July 2016

Gam Bodenhausen
October – November 2015

Roderick Laperdrix
May – June 2015

Heidi Linck
October – December 2014

Hannelore Van Dijck
June 2014

Bettina Krieg
November – December 2013

Thijs Zweers
March – May 2012

Carlijn Mens
November 2011 – January 2012