For Drawing Centre Diepenheim, the entire working process during a residency is important, not just the end result. To properly supervise that work process, the Drawing Centre holds exploratory talks with the residents in advance, including about their sources of inspiration and about mentors and speakers who may be of interest to them. During the residencies, we organize peer-to-peer studio visits and public presentations that inspire creators and audiences alike.

Drawing Centre Diepenheim has been part of the Mondriaan Fund’s residency program since 2022.

With this program, the Mondriaan Fund offers visual artists the opportunity to develop their own work, thereby also stimulating contemporary visual art and cultural heritage in the Netherlands. In addition, Drawing Centre Diepenheim is collaborating with the Institut Français NL in 2024. With the Nouveau Grand Tour program, the organization connects young French artists to Dutch residencies, giving them the opportunity to expand their European network.


In 2024, we welcome artist duo Ivar van Bekkum and Esther Polak, Alice Marie Martin and Mariëlle Videler to the Drawing Studio, our artist workspace.

Alice Marie Martin
april – juni 2024

Alice Marie Martin (FR, 1995) explores the use of narratives in words, sculptures and drawings. Her research is rooted in contemporary issues of intersectional feminism, queer studies and our connection to the more-than-human. She usually draws inspiration from the literary genre of autofiction, in which personal experiences merge with imaginary events and speculative “what if?” scenarios.

During her work period in Diepenheim, Alice starts a correspondence with her home base of Lyon in France. In this correspondence, she wants to examine the parallels between writing and drawing, and explore how these methods of notation can capture a location. For this, she draws inspiration from epistolary novels, which consist of invented conversations between one or more fictional characters.

This residency is organized in collaboration with the Institut Français.

Ivar van Bekkum
& Esther Polak
april – juni 2024

Artist duo Esther Polak (NL, 1962) and Ivar van Bekkum (NL, 1965) are intrigued by routes and movements. Within their artistic practice, they explore how landscapes form through movements through time and space. In doing so, they use innovative combinations of digital technologies and analog means, such as a GPS robot that draws sand tracks, a podcast that simulates a natural environment and drawings of footsteps in virtual snow.

During their stay in Diepenheim, Esther and Ivar take a new step within their project “Grazing choreographies,” in which they study the grazing patterns of cows. In their imagination, the artists move over the pastures like a drone to capture the animals’ routes in drawings. Previously, they conducted research on cow movements in Groningen, Utrecht and Switzerland. During this work period, the ruminants of Twente take center stage.

This residency is organized in collaboration with the Mondriaan Fund.

Eleni Kamma
september – november 2023

With her installations, drawings, books and videos, Eleni Kamma explores alternative ways of living together to develop new patterns of thinking. During her residency in Diepenheim, Eleni explored the garden as a social connector. She searched for common ground by having conversations with gardeners, botanists, artists and residents of Diepenheim. These conversations form the basis for a new series of drawings through which she charts the different views of gardens.

Bart Nijstad
september – november 2023

Bart Nijstad’s head is a repository of memories, comic strips, movie scenes, paintings and other image fragments. By drawing, he tries to structure and make sense of this complex chaos. During his residency in Diepenheim, Bart went in search of new impressions to further add to his imaginary archive. His stay prompted the residency exhibition “inner horse” at the Drawing Centre, which ran from October ’23 to January ’24. Here Bart experimented with ways to present drawing in the form of performance.

Harriët van Reek
mei – juni 2023

During her residency at Drawing Centre Diepenheim, Harriët van Reek worked on a continuation of her previous research on “Forgotten Animals and Plants in Rotterdam. This time she looked at the landscape around Diepenheim, for which she searched for a suitable narrative form.

Nolwenn Vuillier
mei – juni 2023

In her work, Nolwenn Vuillier critically questions the way people classify their environment: nature or culture. In Diepenheim, she wants to use drawing to explore the designed landscape of the area. Nolwenn uses drawing as a tool to observe, reflect and tell new stories. She wants to explore ways of co-creating with the non-human and likes to step outside traditional exhibition spaces in search of a wider audience.

Rachel Bacon
September – November 2022

Isabell Schulte
May 2022

Zakia el Abodi
April – June 2022

Susanne von Bülow and Emmy Bergsma
October 2020

Sjoerd Westbroek
October – November 2018

Harm van den Berg
June – July 2018

Wouter Sibum
March – May 2017

Alex Winters
January – February 2017

Kim Habers
September – December 2016

Sanja Medic
June – July 2016

Gam Bodenhausen
October – November 2015

Roderick Laperdrix
May – June 2015

Heidi Linck
October – December 2014

Hannelore Van Dijck
June 2014

Bettina Krieg
November – December 2013

Thijs Zweers
March – May 2012

Carlijn Mens
November 2011 – January 2012