slice of life with swallowed spiral

Eva Spierenburg shows that experiences in our daily lives leave a trace in our bodies. Starting from a drawn diary, Spierenburg brings the building of Drawing Centre Diepenheim to life as a body and confronts the visitor with their own physicality.

By Spierenburg, the body is fragmented, enlarged and undressed. She shows that our bodies can be vulnerable and fragile as well as resilient and strong. Events we experience – both temporary and permanent – can leave impressions on our physicality: the bracing of our bodies in a stressful situation, a recurring tension in a specific place or an indefinable restlessness triggered by a memory. The experiences, traces and memories that our body harbors run like a thread through the exhibition.

In the exhibition “slice of life with swallowed spiral,” the walls of the building are partially covered with cloths and clay. With these interventions in the architecture, Spierenburg creates intimate spaces that each evoke a different feeling. Body parts have detached themselves from the big picture and float loose in the space or lean against a wall. They hold us up on the inside, but can also throw us off balance due to stress, tension or trauma stored there. With this exhibition, Spierenburg invites us to think about the architecture of our own interior; she makes us aware of the body we inhabit.


Guest Curator
Nadine van den Bosch

Tessa Wiegerinck

Stein Boon

Nadine van den Bosch

PR & Marketing
Annelien Dam

Thanks to
Mondriaan Fonds
Provincie Overijssel
Gemeente Hof van Twente
Prins Bernard Cultuurfonds Overijsel