Abul Hisham & Maike Hemmers

In this exhibition, Abul Hisham and Maike Hemmers examine the course of mental processes and the way emotions are expressed in the body. Diepenheim’s space reflects the different stages of these processes. By walking around the space, one goes through the stages poetically, psychologically and physically.

The visitor enters a rich inner world full of colour, scent and forms. Hard and soft lines, heavy and light materials, changing sculptures and a gradient of colors activate your sensory, physical and emotional experience. Mind Wandering Mind is not only about looking, but also about feeling, smelling, moving. By appealing to multiple senses, the works encourage us to reflect on ourselves: What does the smell or color or shape remind you of and what memory comes to mind? Which emotion does it evoke, where do you feel it in your body? Does this feeling change when you walk through the space and look at it from a different angle?

Abul Hisham strives to evoke reflection and self-reflection with his work. He explores the depths of desire, power, ritual and memory that shape our collective consciousness. Maike Hemmers is interested in how mental and physical stimuli can express themselves in art. Her work aims to depict how emotion and affect, as well as the relationship to others and our environment, move through our bodies. Bringing these two artists together results in a search for the connection between body and mind, between thoughts and feelings.

Listen here to the first episode of the podcast Contours, in which artistic director Noa Zuidervaart talks with Marieke Folkers, the guest curator of Mind Wandering Mind.


Marieke Folkers

Abul Hisham
& Maike Hemmers

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Tessa Wiegerinck